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SAM Inc. also offers other after-sales-services under our so-called  PRODUCT SERVICE DEPARTMENT support. It provides repair,  personalized customization and modification depending on the needs and wants of every client and gun enthusiast.


Chroming Services

Chroming Services

CR1   - Slide + front & rear sights (matte)
CR2   - Slide (mirror) + front & rear sights (matte)
CR3   - Frame standard only (matte)
CR4   - Frame standard only (mirror)
CR5   - Frame only high capacity (matte)
CR6   - Frame only high capacity (mirror)
CR7   - Firearm (whole unit- matte) - Standard
CR8   - Firearm (whole unit- mirror) - Standard
CR9   - Firearm (whole unit - matte) - High capacity
CR10 - Firearm (whole unit - mirror) - High capacity
CR11 - Complete upper kit (matte)
CR12 - Complete upper kit (mirror)
CR13 - Complete lower kit (matte for hi-cap)
CR14 - Complete lower kit (matte for standard)
CR15 - Complete lower kit (mirror for hi-cap)
CR16 - Complete lower kit (mirror for standard)
CR17 - Magazine / other parts (matte or mirror)
CR18 - Revolver (whole unit - matte)
CR19 - Revolver (whole unit- mirror)
Bluing Services

Bluing Services

B1   - Slide only (matte)
B2   - Slide only (mirror)
B3   - Frame only (matte)
B4   - Frame only (mirror)
B5   - Pistol: B1 + B3 + other parts (matte)
B6   - Pistol: B2 + B4 + other parts (mirror)
B7   - Lower kit (matte)
B8   - Upper kit (matte)
B9   - Upper kit (mirror)
B10 - Pistol whole unit (mirror)
B11 - Magazine / other parts (matte)
B12 - Magazine / other parts (matte)
B13 - Revolver whole unit (mirror)
B14 - Revolver whole unit (matte)
Black Anodizing Services

Black Anodizing Services

BA1 - Frame 1911 (any size & caliber)
BA2 - Slide 1911 (any size & caliber)
BA3 - Frame High-Capacity (any size & caliber)
BA4 - All Other 1911 parts & magazines
BA5 - M4 or any Long Arm Upper Receiver
BA6 - M4 or any Long Arm Lower Receiver
BA7 - All Other M4 or any Long Arm parts & magazines
Checkering Services

Checkering Services

CK1 - Standard pistol: front strap
CK2 - CK1 + back strap
CK3 - Hi-cap: front strap (refer to factory / PSD)
CK4 - CK3 + back strap (refer to facotry / PSD)
CK5 - MSH only
Sight Installation Services

Sight Installation Services

ST1 - Labor only (champion, bomar, LPA)
ST2 - ST1 + rear sight champion
ST3 - Labor only (NOVAK SIGHT imported)
ST4 - ST3 + Novak sight imported
ST5 - Front sight cut for fiber optic
Check-up Services

Check-up Services

CU1 - Pistol / revolver / shotgun
CU2 - CU1 + parts (to be determined by firearm specialist)
Note:  Please call factory for confirmation
Engraving Services

Engraving Services

E1 - Make / brand / model
E2 - Serial Number